Yootheme Warp 7 Template Framework


An awesome new feature is the Warp customizer. It lets you pick colors, select fonts and change sizes and spacings without CSS knowledge or the need to write a line of code. Of course we have Google fonts support and a nice icon font on board. It gives you a real-time preview of your theme where you can see all the changes you have made.

New administration area

The Warp7 theme administration got a makeover and we are quite proud of the result. Now you have all major settings in one place, presented in a slick and clean UI.

New front end framework

All the LESS stuff made us rethink the way we style themes and we started developing a completely new front end framework. We will have more news on this project soon.

PHP framework overhaul

Warp 7 now requires PHP 5.3+, which enables us to use better class autoloading and other new features like namespaces and closure functions. We also have updated the Warp dependency injection container which is now configured using config files in order to set paths or helper definitions.

Responsive modules/widgets

All Joomla modules and WordPress widgets are now neatly arranged in one overview, where you can set the style, icon, badge and even define, whether or not to show a module or widget on different devices.

Mobile menu

Yootheme completely overhauled the mobile menu and transformed it into a modern and beautiful off-canvas navigation.

Bootstrap support

And of course for all the Joomla 3 users Yootheme has native Bootstrap support, which means Bootstrap markup will look awesome in all themes.